5 Hobbies That Are Good For You And The Planet

5 Hobbies That Are Good For You And The Planet

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One of the major takeaways from 2020 is that hobbies are essential for our mental health and for our sense of purpose. Most of us have spent more time in the confines of our house this year than ever before and our hobbies have kept us grounded. Some of us have discovered new hobbies or picked up old ones. However, like everything else we do, we want to make sure we’re having a positive impact on the planet, and hobbies can be a fulfilling way to combine our passion for the planet with something that makes us feel good!

So, if you’re looking for a new hobby, try out one of these sustainable ones that do good for the planet.



Cultivating a plant collection in your garden is a wonderful way to spend your time. Look into planting sustainable garden beds in your yard. Live in an apartment? No problem, you can still have a green thumb!

Vegan and zero-waste cooking


If you love cooking, look into how you can get creative with vegetarian and vegan recipes and making sure you have zero food waste at the end. This is a great way to keep cooking interesting and constantly evolve your skills.

Use up everything in your fridge!



If you love crafts and art then upcycling is the perfect hobby for you! If you’re an artist, try using upcycled materials for your canvas or matter you work with. If you love crafts, get the family together and start upcycling projects that will keep items from going into landfill and create something new.

Outdoor sports eg. hiking


This is an important hobby for everyone to have! Getting into nature can help the planet, it’s a way to embrace the world in a mindful and slow way that allows you to appreciate it. This is a great alternative to gyms as a way to get your exercise fix!


Learning to sew is a sustainable hobby that we should all be learning! If an item of clothing breaks, you can mend it rather than throwing it out. If you get a sewing machine, you can even make your own clothes! This means you wouldn’t be supporting fast fashion industries and their systems of waste and exploitation.

There is no shortage of hobbies out there and you can actually adapt many of the hobbies you may already have to be more sustainable.

Do you have any other sustainable hobby ideas? Comment below and let us know!


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