5 No-Kill Strategies for Getting Rid of Mice

5 No-Kill Strategies for Getting Rid of Mice

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Although you would possibly assume mice are cute and furry, you most likely don’t need them residing in your house or storage. They can carry hard-to-pronounce diseases and cause property damage. Plus, they go away little droppings throughout.

A small drawback can rapidly get out of hand. Mice can have eight litters a 12 months, with 5 to 6 younger per litter. That means one feminine mouse can produce 48 younger in a single 12 months — and consider all of the infants her younger can breed!

You can take different approaches to rid your property of mice, and plenty of of them are efficient long-term methods. Even when you don’t have mice in your house now, it’s a good suggestion to comply with methods one and two to stop a mouse infestation earlier than it begins.

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Strategy 1 – Make Your Home Difficult for Mice to Enter

Unfortunately, our properties are enticing to mice as a result of they will present shelter and meals. Just as you would possibly make your home an unattractive goal for thieves, you can also make it troublesome to penetrate for rodents. Steel wool is a wonderful device as a result of mice can’t chew by it.

Go across the exterior and inside of your property and search for any slits or holes which can be ½ inch or bigger. Basically, this is able to be something that’s the dimension of a dime or bigger. Fill up these gaps with metal wool after which apply caulk to seal them up.

If there are vents on a crawl house or round an HVAC system, seal up any gaps. A first-rate location is the place pipes run by the wall. Mice are very agile and are good climbers. Finally, in case you have vines or non-structural architectural options that run up and down your property, take away them if attainable.

If you have already got mice in your house, look at locations the place mice can go from room to room throughout the residence, particularly into the kitchen or pantry, the place you might be more likely to retailer meals. One widespread route is alongside pipes, so verify wherever pipes penetrate a wall, equivalent to below a sink, and seal up any holes.

brown mouse eating a cracker
Easy to entry meals will entice mice, so safe any animal feed and find chook feeders away from the home. Photo: Gaertringen, Pixabay

Strategy 2 – Be a Poor Host and Don’t Feed These Unwanted Visitors

If you could have chook feeders, birdseed, animal feed, or different meals sources on the skin of your property or in a storage, this may assist entice mice to your property. If attainable, relocate a chook feeder removed from the home — 50 or extra ft away. Avoid feeding pets open air, particularly in the event that they don’t eat all of the meals directly or go away some residue. Store pet meals, animal feed, and birdseed in metallic bins with tight-fitting lids, and watch out for spilling once you entry the containers.

Unfortunately, backyard chickens and compost piles could be a supply of meals for rodents. To stop this, put hen feed away at evening, contemplate buying a rat-proof chicken feeder or making one from a 5-gallon bucket. Also, follow these steps to maintain them out of your compost pile.

Strategy 3 – Use No-Kill Mousetraps

Mice usually stroll alongside partitions after they scamper round. Thus, inserting box traps alongside the bottom of the wall is a wonderful solution to catch the little critters in motion. Some of them don’t require bait, are large enough so you’ll be able to snag a number of mice in a single entice, and are reusable many instances. So, you’ll be able to knock out a severe infestation extra rapidly and with out shopping for quite a few gadgets.

Another choice is to make or buy a bucket trap. These gadgets use a 5-gallon bucket and bate to lure the mouse and even small rats onto a lid. If they step in the fitting location, the rodent tilts the highest and falls into the bucket. These traps are additionally reusable and might catch a number of mice.

Here is an easy DIY no-kill mousetrap you can also make at residence utilizing a 5-gallon bucket. If you could have the time, experiment with totally different designs to see which one works finest.

[embedded content]

Unfortunately, utilizing a no-kill mousetrap does require relocating the mice to a extra interesting location removed from your property. If you don’t do that, the mice could be proper again in your house once more. Also, if the mice keep within the entice too lengthy (with out meals), they are going to die. Therefore, this strategy does require a time dedication and checking the traps frequently.

If you do find yourself utilizing a entice that kills the mice, the snap traps often kill the mice rapidly. The similar isn’t true for glue traps, which result in an extended demise than snap traps, inflicting the mouse to undergo. Glue traps are additionally extra more likely to catch different species that aren’t of concern. Snap traps — and particularly poison — could be dangerous to pets and youngsters. Poisoned mice could die and decay within the partitions, creating odor and micro organism points. Also, different animals can eat the poisoned mouse and change into sick.

Strategy 4 – Spray Peppermint Essential Oils

Supposedly, mice hate the odor of peppermint, and the scent irritates their nasal passages. So spraying one thing that incorporates peppermint important oils could cause mice to maneuver out. Keep in thoughts, this spray might hamper plans to catch mice in traps. So, use the spray the place you don’t plan to find traps.

Like the bucket entice, you would both purchase a sprig or go DIY. If you buy a sprig, be sure to search for a pure, nontoxic peppermint oil spray.

To make a mouse repellent spray, mix 2 teaspoons of peppermint essential oil with 1 cup of water and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Another strategy is to make use of undiluted peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them round your property.

Strategy 5 – Try Ultrasonic Mouse Repellers

If efficient, this is among the easiest and most humane methods to rid your property of mice. These gadgets plug into an outlet and supposedly produce a high-frequency sound that isn’t purported to trouble pets but repels rodents.

The jury continues to be out on how efficient they’re. Some folks swear by them, whereas others say they’re full junk. Typically, ultrasonic mouse repellers don’t work by partitions, so you might want one unit for every room; giant rooms would possibly want a number of gadgets. They do devour a little bit of electrical energy, however it does appear worthwhile if they’re efficient.

Hopefully, these methods will get you effectively in your solution to a mouse-free residence. Often, it’s essential to make use of a couple of of those approaches to fully remedy an current drawback. Yet, making use of the primary two methods could be sufficient to stop a mouse infestation from growing.