7 Ways To Preserve Your Garden Harvest

7 Ways To Preserve Your Garden Harvest

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There’s one thing so particular about planting a backyard, watching it develop, harvesting, after which having fun with the fruits of your labor. The years the place you have got a big backyard yield are really a blessing, however how will you protect your produce so you may take pleasure in it year-round?

There are extra methods than you would possibly suppose! Here are seven methods to protect your backyard’s harvest.

Can the Traditional Way

Many of us keep in mind our grandparents canning fruits and veggies. It’s a helpful follow that’s regaining reputation. There are two strategies of canning: water bath canning and pressure canning. Water bathtub canning is protected for many issues like jams and fruits. However, in case you’d wish to can meat or low acid greens similar to inexperienced beans, you’ll want to make use of a pressure canner to make sure your meals is safely preserved.

If you’re new to canning, it’s finest to stay to examined recipes when canning the bounty of your harvest. The Farmer’s Almanac can get you began understanding the fundamentals of canning — make certain you perceive the hazard of botulism if canning isn’t completed appropriately.

One different factor to remember with canning is that the excessive warmth ranges can destroy a number of the nutrient content material, so it’s value exploring different methods to protect your harvest.

Stock Your Freezer

Another well-liked methodology for preserving meals is to inventory them within the freezer. Deep freeze chest freezers are comparatively reasonably priced and permit you to freeze fruits and veggies out of your backyard for later use. Before freezing, most greens should be blanched for 2-5 minutes in boiling water, then instantly immersed into chilly water to protect taste. Once they’re cool and dry, they are often packed in freezer luggage and saved in your freezer. While not important, vacuum sealing luggage will protect your produce for even longer.

Put Your Dehydrator to Work

Dried blueberries
Dried blueberries. Image courtesy of Sarah R.

Dehydrating meals is a really efficient approach of preserving it. Purchasing a dehydrator that’s particularly meant for that perform is good. However, many individuals discover they will successfully dehydrate meals both of their oven or within the solar. You can vacuum seal your dehydrated meals for longer-term storage.

Boost Your Probiotic Intake with Lacto-Fermentation

A conventional methodology of preserving meals is thru lacto-fermentation. If you’ve had historically ready sauerkraut, you then’ve had a lacto-fermented meals (no dairy is concerned on this course of). An easy option to ferment veggies is to replenish a Mason jar with contemporary, clear, wholesome veggies. Then fill the remainder of the jar with a saline answer comprised of a ratio of 1 quart of filtered water to three tablespoons of high quality sea salt. Seal the jars, then depart them in your counter, style them after round 5-7 days, after which style them every day till they style completed. You could have to “burp” the jars each few days because the stress builds up throughout this course of. Then you may transfer them to chilly storage.

Soak Up the Vinegar

When you hear that somebody is “pickling” greens, it most frequently means they’re preserving them in vinegar. Image courtesy of Susy Morris.

When you hear that somebody is “pickling” greens, it most frequently means they’re preserving them in vinegar. Because of vinegar’s acetic acid content material (it must be at the least 5%), many sources say that meals preserved in vinegar doesn’t should be refrigerated.

You also can expend contemporary herbs by putting them in vinegar, then permitting them to take a seat at midnight for as much as two months. At that time, you pressure the vinegar to take away the herbs and have a splendidly flavored vinegar that you should utilize in dressings and extra.

Infuse Some Oil

Did you recognize that fats, even butterfat, can act as a pure preservative? It can stop spoilage by isolating your veggies from the air and offering a seal to delay oxidation, deterioration, and mildew. Olive oil is a superb selection for preserving many meals like peppers, mushrooms, eggplant, herbs, and extra. You can roast peppers or eggplant, then place them in a sterilized jar and fill with oil, being positive there aren’t any air bubbles within the jar. Then retailer the jars in a darkish place till you’re prepared to make use of them.

Break Out the Booze

Preserving fruit in alcohol is a time-tested – and engaging – methodology. Simply fill your jar loosely with fruit (suppose berries or peaches and extra). Next, warmth round 3 cups of alcohol (minimal 40 proof) with ¼ cup unrefined cane sugar till the sugar is dissolved. Rum and brandy work properly. Then fill the jar with the sweetened alcohol. Store and luxuriate in for particular events.

Feature picture by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay. Originally printed on February 16, 2015, this text was up to date in September 2021.