A Guide to Choosing Ethically Made Scented Candles

A Guide to Choosing Ethically Made Scented Candles

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When I used to be writing my ebook, Vegan Style, the chapter on vegan home décor introduced many questions: is furnishings not vegan? What about equipment for the house? Or…scented candles?

Everyone’s favorite house equipment, scented candles, should not all made equal. What my readers have been unaware of is that some “luxurious” candles available on the market in the present day are made out of a really non-vegan ingredient: beeswax.

The essential tenet of being a vegan is caring concerning the rights of all animals to dwell a life free from oppression. It logically follows for many vegans that if you happen to care about cows, pigs, fish and chickens, then you definately would additionally care about bees. Even although they’re an extremely essential half of the environment, bees are generally mistreated within the industries that use them. By partaking within the technique of pollination, bees assist crops develop, which preserves ecosystems. If they disappeared, we might be in deep trouble. This doesn’t cease people from exploiting them for merchandise resembling honey and beeswax.

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Beeswax is made by melting, straining and cooling honeycomb, the wax that bees construct to retailer honey and pollen. Bees exploited by people are subjected to lots of the similar issues that occur to cows on dairy farms – one in every of them is synthetic insemination, utilizing a miniature model of the “rape rack” used to inseminate cows. Haphazard dealing with by farmers additionally signifies that usually, bees’ wings and legs are torn off. Commonly the queen bee’s wings are lower off to forestall her from leaving the colony. If the queen is moved to a brand new colony, “bodyguard” bees be part of her, but when they survive transport, bees within the new colony are more likely to assault and kill them.

Okay so no extra beeswax then – so what makes a candle vegan? Unfortunately, the commonest beeswax-free possibility for scented candles is paraffin, which is cheaper than beeswax and subsequently extra generally used. But it won’t be the most secure selection with regards to human well being: a study at the University of South Carolina discovered that paraffin wax can diffuse fumes linked to diseases like bronchial asthma and lung most cancers.

Luckily, there are alternatives available on the market that don’t contain beeswax or paraffin. Soya wax is probably probably the most outstanding one  – a pure, petroleum-free possibility, it comes from a renewable useful resource which makes it extra eco-friendly than paraffin, and definitely more healthy. No animals needed to die for soya wax, however greatest to look out for GMO-free wax, as a few of it may be made out of GMO crops. Many luxurious candles from upscale eco-friendly manufacturers are made out of this pure wax.


Another wax that’s gaining traction is wax made out of coconuts. A totally vegan product, coconut wax doesn’t include any of the GMO points tied to soy, is non-toxic (so it beats paraffin) and is in fact free from the cruelty of beeswax. Added bonus: it usually has an extended burn time than different waxes.

Sometimes, coconut wax is mixed with different plant-derived supplies to make up what is usually known as “vegetable wax”. This form of mix usually comprises totally different oils and is often additionally blended with soy. House of Medicinals a wellness model specialising in eco-friendly, plant-based bathtub and physique merchandise produces a variety of pure important oil candles made out of pure soy and coconut oil wax. Outperforming paraffin wax, that is one other winner for the plant-based candle lover.

As vegan residing grows in reputation, curiosity for areas past meals will enhance – and corporations providing vegan (and planet-friendly) variations of things like scented candles are sure to achieve floor.

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