Cat Owner Conundrum: Can Litter Be Sustainable?

Cat Owner Conundrum: Can Litter Be Sustainable?

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Pet possession is a type of ethically doubtful behaviors from a sustainability standpoint — the jury continues to be out on its general influence on the surroundings.

What we do know, although, is that pet homeowners can take steps to reduce their pet’s carbon footprint. Some of those selections are simpler than others, like shopping for pet toys and equipment created from pure or recyclable supplies and selecting pet meals with out wasteful packaging. Other questions are extra vexing, significantly these associated to pet waste.

The Cat Litter Conundrum

Cats pose a particular downside as a result of most homeowners use a clay-based litter, which is not biodegradable. Add to that the truth that homeowners sometimes scoop it into plastic luggage, and you’ve got a dangerously mined materials — the sodium bentonite clay used within the litter — simply piling up together with plastic in landfills. Clearly, it’s time to make a change.

In place of clay or crystal litters, cat homeowners ought to swap to one of many following eco-friendly choices. You might must make some further changes whenever you do, however it’s price it to your pet and the planet.

1. Paper Litter

Paper litter is a well-liked litter various and most pet homeowners use it a minimum of sometimes, for instance if their cat is recovering from surgical procedure. Pet homeowners generally use it when litter coaching kittens, because it’s much less harmful in the event that they eat it. As for its environmental influence, paper litter is made from recycled materials and can, in fact, break down simply after it’s used. The foremost challenge pet homeowners have with it’s that it’s not as absorbent as clay litter, nor does it block odors nicely.

If you’re contemplating switching to paper litter (or one other low absorbency litter), you may additionally wish to make some modifications to your cat’s food regimen. Feeding a holistic diet like Earthborn Holistic Pet Food that features restricted components can enhance your cat’s intestine well being and cut back litter field odors. Just watch out to not make too many modifications directly, as cats typically require a while to regulate to new meals or litter.

2. Corn Litter

Corn and wheat litters have been round for years, however litter made from renewable crops has develop into way more widespread in the previous couple of years, with corn persevering with to dominate the market. Because it’s extra absorbent than comparable paper merchandise, corn litter is cleaner and retains much less odor than comparable merchandise. Also, most corn litter merchandise clump like clay litter, which many pet homeowners take into account a key characteristic.

A Note of Caution

The skilled consensus: It’s greatest to get rid of cat litter within the trash, even in case you’re utilizing a biodegradable litter. Use a paper bag or different compostable container so that you simply’re not contributing to plastic waste within the landfill. Once within the landfill, toxoplasmosis is sufficiently sequestered so that you not want to fret about it. The backside line is: Make the litter change, however maintain sending it to the landfill. It’s probably the most environmentally accountable mixture.

Editor’s Note: This article was initially revealed on June 1, 2020 and up to date in June 2024.