Earth911 Inspiration: Choose a Green Future

Earth911 Inspiration: Choose a Green Future

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Today’s quote is from Australian thinker Toby Ord. In his guide, The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity, he wrote, “We have seen how the lengthy arc of human historical past has introduced us to a uniquely vital time in our story — a interval the place our total future hangs within the stability. And we’ve seen just a little of what may lie past, if solely we are able to overcome the dangers.”

Together, we are able to make a distinction to guard the Earth. Let’s select a inexperienced future.

Earth911 inspirations. Post them, share your want to assist individuals consider the planet first, day by day. Click the poster to get a bigger picture.

quote from Australian philosopher Toby Ord

This poster was initially revealed on July 17, 2020.

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