Earth911 Inspiration: Helen Keller on Earth’s Eager Awakening

Earth911 Inspiration: Helen Keller on Earth’s Eager Awakening

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Although she might neither see nor hear, Helen Keller rejoiced in nature by way of her different senses, as illustrated on this week’s quote welcoming the dawning of a brand new day. It comes from an article she wrote entitled, “Nature’s Storehouse of Health,” revealed in Good Housekeeping in 1933: “Though I don’t see, I can really feel the earth’s keen awakening after an evening of relaxation. I can really feel the primary mild rays of the solar, smiling, ‘Here we’re once more.’” It’s a very good reminder to pause and be grateful for the straightforward wonders of nature that we will too simply take without any consideration.

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"I can feel the earth's eager awakening after a night of rest. I can feel the first gentle rays of the sun, smiling, "Here we are again." --Helen Keller

This poster was initially revealed on January 24, 2020.

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