Earth911 Podcast: Planting 8BillionTrees to Offset Carbon Emissions

Earth911 Podcast: Planting 8BillionTrees to Offset Carbon Emissions

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Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe talks with Jon Chambers, cofounder of, which provides a wide range of methods to “store and erase your carbon footprint.” They’ve planted greater than 6.4 million bushes thus far and make it easy to calculate how a lot CO2 your day by day habits produce. 8 Billion Trees offers tree planting to offset your streaming video behavior, a party, or your pet’s carbon footprint. Chambers and his cofounder Michael Powell got down to create “probably the most environmentally conscious social enterprise on the planet.”

Humanity has eliminated 1.4 billion hectares (5.4 million sq. miles) of the world’s forests within the final 300 years. Tree planting was the simplest alternative for offsetting CO2 that Jon’s crew recognized once they launched in 2018. When you buy a product on the 8BillionTrees store, they may preserve 100 present bushes and plant 10 bushes. An annual subscription to assist planting 516 bushes a 12 months can be obtainable for $43 a month.

Jon Chambers, cofounder of
Jon Chambers, the cofounder of who’s seen at a tree-planting web site in Brazil, is our visitor on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Taking motion to offset your carbon footprint is getting simpler. But offsets are just one step. Each of us should additionally reduce our environmental footprint by decreasing meat consumption, meals waste, and switching to electrical autos powered by renewable power. 8BillionTrees can be increasing its efforts to supply biochar, or “Black Earth” as it’s identified within the Amazon. Biochar is an amalgam of useless biomass and different composted natural supplies which might be gathered and heated within the absence of oxygen via a course of often called pyrolysis to supply an natural soil additive. The ensuing soil additive captures and shops carbon successfully for 1000’s of years. It additionally supercharges reforestation efforts by lowering seedling mortality and accelerating development charges.

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