Earth911 Quiz #90: The Carbon Footprint of Everyday Shopping Choices

Earth911 Quiz #90: The Carbon Footprint of Everyday Shopping Choices

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Everything we do, from respiratory and consuming to buying and having fun with a streamed video carries a carbon footprint. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, people have spewed 2.4 trillion tons of CO2 into the ambiance, elevating common international temperatures by about 1° C (2° F) over that point. Do you understand how a lot CO2 your on a regular basis buying selections contribute to international warming? Test your data on this Earth911 Quiz.

Making sensible sustainable selections requires follow. Earth911’s weekly sustainability quiz helps you hone your potential to acknowledge earth-friendly services. Through your each day selections — from transportation mode to purchases to waste disposal — you can also make a constructive distinction.

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This quiz was initially revealed on February 11, 2021.