Fighting Fleas the Natural Way

Fighting Fleas the Natural Way

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With rising temperatures comes a well-known downside for a lot of pet house owners, fleas. These little bloodsuckers are dormant throughout winter in some areas. But with heat climate — significantly the place it’s heat and humid — fleas are most lively. And they’re in search of a meal and a spot to put their eggs — ideally, in your canine or cat. Fortunately, you don’t must poison your pets, your self, or your property; maintain fleas at bay with these pure prevention ideas.

Not solely do fleas make your furry buddies itchy and trigger pores and skin points, however they will additionally trigger anemia if left untreated. They additionally spread diseases, together with tapeworms. But recognizing them will be difficult.

Because flea infestations can occur in any dwelling, even these with out pets, it’s essential to acknowledge the indicators of flea infestations as early as doable to deal with them successfully. But you’ll need to keep away from many industrial merchandise, which regularly include permethrin and pyrethrins. These pesticides are poisonous to cats, warns the NRDC, and in addition trigger antagonistic reactions like vomiting and diarrhea if an excessive amount of is used on a canine.

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Detecting a Flea Problem

Your pet could present the primary signal you’ll acknowledge. If you see extreme scratching, licking, or biting on the pores and skin, verify your pet’s decrease again or base of the tail. However, fleas and their feces, which appear to be specks of filth, will be discovered wherever on a pet’s physique.

Fleas want to feed on pets, however it isn’t unusual for them to chunk people. Flea bites on people usually seem as small pink spots surrounded by reddish halos. You’ll often discover these itchy bites on the decrease half of your physique. If your pets sleep with you, verify your bedding for “flea filth” and wash all of your sheets earlier than sleeping there.

Fleas additionally get pleasure from tall grass and shaded areas close to decks, woodpiles, or storage buildings. If you watched an infestation, flea traps will be an efficient strategy to verify your suspicions. These unhazardous traps use gentle and warmth to draw fleas onto a sticky floor however are ineffective towards infestations. You’ll have to deliver extra firepower to finish your flea issues.

Close-up of flea on human skin
Fleas want to feed on pets, however it isn’t unusual for them to chunk people.

Prevention Is Better Than Medicine

Begin with some prevention steps that may halt a flea in its tracks earlier than they begin laying as much as 40 eggs a day. PetMD suggests that only one feminine flea in your pet can result in 20,000 dwelling, biting fleas inside 60 days.

Diatomaceous Earth

Spreading food-grade diatomaceous soil within the areas your pet frequents, inside and outdoors your property, ought to assist kill fleas after they arrive. This desiccating soil kills fleas by ravenous their our bodies of moisture. When spreading diatomaceous earth, guarantee your pet doesn’t ingest or inhale it. Check together with your vet earlier than deciding whether or not to place it instantly in your pet. It is a good suggestion to hoover inside areas to choose up useless fleas inside a number of hours after making use of this materials.

Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes prey on many out of doors pests and are sometimes used to guard properties and gardens. These useful critters also can assist stop fleas from gaining a foothold in your yard. You can purchase beneficial nematodes by the millions for an affordable value and unfold them utilizing a sprayer attachment on a hose.

Baking Soda and Salt

Like diatomaceous earth, you may unfold a combination of salt and baking soda to kill fleas and their eggs round areas inside your property. Leave this combination in place for a number of days earlier than vacuuming. Make positive to empty the vacuum bag exterior or exchange the bag to make sure no fleas survive. Be conscious salt does trigger rust, so that you have to be diligent if cleansing surfaces with steel.

When Fleas Attack, Fight Back

The American Kennel Club recommends utilizing DIY shampoos and sprays to stop fleas naturally. Combining one quart of water, 1 cup of white or apple vinegar, and one cup of child shampoo or liquid dish cleaning soap in a twig will make a shampoo which you could apply twice a month to assist stop fleas.

The AKC additionally recommends making use of lemon juice to repel fleas. When making a lemon wash, you have to 4 slices of contemporary lemon, one tablespoon of salt, and 6 cups of water. Heat the water till it boils, then add the lemon and salt and take away from the warmth after two minutes. Let the components steep for twenty-four hours. Filter out the lemon earlier than making use of the combination to your pet after bathing.

Man washing dog in bathtub
Bathe your pet twice a month with a combination of child shampoo, water, and vinegar to assist stop fleas.

Essential Oils

Before utilizing any important oils, it’s vital to notice that they are often toxic to pets. Be cautious utilizing them the place your animals or wildlife are lively, and at all times verify together with your vet earlier than utilizing these oils. The dangerous results of important oils will fluctuate primarily based on the dimensions of your canine or cat. Never use important oils on or round your pet in concentrated type, cautions the American Kennel Club. Dilute them earlier than utilizing in your pet.


Cedarwood oil is a really efficient flea repellant, however earlier than utility, dilute it with distilled water – 10 drops of cedar oil for each 200 ml (about 6 ¾ ounces) of water. Be positive to not spray wherever close to your pet’s face or anyplace they’re more likely to lick. Apply it to your pet’s neck by spraying it into your arms and rubbing it into the neck space. You also can deal with their bedding and provider with cedar oil to repel fleas and ticks.


Lavender is a robust flea repellent; lavender vegetation and oil are efficient. To make your pet shampoo do flea obligation on your canine, add 5 to 10 drops of lavender oil. This important additionally helps cut back pores and skin irritation from flea bites. Do not use this on cats, as they’ve poisonous reactions to lavender that canine should not as delicate to.


Lemongrass is an lively ingredient in lots of pure flea sprays. Make your individual flea repellent by including 5 drops of lemongrass oil to a four-ounce spray bottle, then fill it with water, shake, and apply it to your pet, furnishings, or carpet to cope with fleas. Always keep away from spraying important oils close to or into your pet’s face.


Rosemary is the final of the important oils to think about for flea preventing. Add 5 to eight drops to your canine’s shampoo to assist maintain fleas away and soothe any current bites. If you have got a rosemary plant, seize a number of the needle-like leaves and rub them into your pet’s coat to refresh their flea defenses. With cats it’s a greater concept to make use of the leaves than the oil, as ingesting rosemary oil can upset their stomach.

Puppy and cat sleeping on human's bed
If your pets sleep with you, verify your bedding for “flea filth” and wash all of your sheets earlier than sleeping there.

The Natural Choice Is Yours

Fleas are a recurrent nuisance, particularly in heat climates, affecting pets and people. Essential oils will be useful use them cautiously and together with your veterinarian’s steerage. In extreme instances, skilled pest management could also be mandatory.

Prevention is essential. Inspect your pets usually and select unhazardous strategies equivalent to diatomaceous earth, useful nematodes, and do-it-yourself sprays to maintain fleas at bay with out harming you, your pet, or the wildlife close to your property.