Fix-It Guy: 3 Easy 5-Minute DIY Appliance Fixes

Fix-It Guy: 3 Easy 5-Minute DIY Appliance Fixes

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After 30 years of being an equipment technician, I’ve discovered three fast and straightforward house equipment fixes that anybody can do in below 5 minutes. They require only a few instruments and can prevent lots of of {dollars} and lengthen the lifetime of your home equipment.

1. Gas Stove Burner That Clicks however Won’t Light

On a gasoline range, it’s quite common to have entrance burners that don’t gentle though you’ll be able to see and listen to the igniter spark. What’s occurring is there’s not sufficient gasoline attending to the spark to trigger ignition. This is brought on by a small blockage the place the gasoline is launched. Food that spills over into the burner whereas cooking can create this blockage, stopping gasoline from reaching the igniter.

The excellent news is you’ll be able to repair it in lower than one minute and all you want is a paperclip.

Paper clip

Step One

Straighten out the paperclip by bending it together with your fingers. Yes, you’ll be able to bend metal together with your naked palms.

Step Two

Remove the massive burner grate after which elevate off the spherical steel burner cap.

Step Three

Look down into the center of the burner for a small spherical or hexagon-shaped brass-colored half. You might have a very good flashlight to see it. On many fashions, it’s about 1 inch down from the highest of the burner proper within the center. On some, it may be as a lot as 2 inches down.

Metal gas stove burner cap

Brass piece under burner cap

Use your straightened paperclip to get into the very small gap in the midst of the brass-colored half. Push within the paperclip and twist it round like a drill. Six revolutions ought to be adequate to interrupt up the obstruction so the gasoline can now circulation.

Step Four

Put the burner cap and grate again on.

Now the enjoyable half: Turn on the burner and also you’ll have prompt ignition and a stronger flame. Consider doing this on all of your burners to make your range work like new once more.

2. Dishwasher Won’t Start or Doesn’t Drain

This is a quite common and irritating drawback with dishwashers. Dishwashers have to have the ability to simply drain to work. If they’ll’t eliminate the water from the final cycle, they received’t have the ability to begin a brand new cycle.

Symptoms of a dishwasher that may’t drain are:

  • Dishes come out spotty or with bits of meals nonetheless on them.
  • The dishwasher received’t begin a brand new cycle.
  • Water is seen above the filter after the cycle is completed.

The most certainly level that’s clogged within the drain system is the air hole, which mixes air with the outgoing wastewater from the dishwasher so the water can circulation extra simply. You can find the air hole on high of the sink close to the kitchen faucet, it’s a silver, cylindrical factor about 3 inches tall.

This DIY repair will get your dishwasher operating once more in below 5 minutes.

Step One

Pull straight up on the silver steel masking of the air hole.

Remove metal covering on air gap

Step Two

Unscrew the plastic cap — or on some fashions, gently pry up the cap utilizing a small flathead screwdriver. On both facet of the cap, you’ll see plastic tabs that should be pushed in to launch the cap.

Remove plastic cap on air gap

Step Three

Look contained in the smaller diameter tube in the midst of the bigger opening for caught meals particles. If you’ll be able to see the clog simply pinch it between your fingers and pull it out. If you don’t see something on the high of that small tube, then, utilizing a straightened out wire garments hanger, push it down into the tube a number of occasions. Try to get the wire hanger to go down 8 inches or extra.

Remove clog in air gap

Step Four

With the cap off, set your machine to empty by urgent cancel. (For some fashions, you maintain the beginning button for 3 seconds to cancel the cycle and activate the drain motor.) Make positive to shut the dishwasher door to begin the drain cycle.

You ought to hear the motor kick in and you need to see a column of water shoot out of the air hole at the least 3 inches excessive. At this level, open the dishwasher door to cease the drain. Then shut the door yet one more time for 5 seconds to make the water shoot out of the air hole once more to clear the clog.

Now you’ll be able to put the cap again on the air hole in addition to its silver cowl. Have the outlet on the silver cowl level towards the sink to permit a backed-up air hole to empty into the sink.

During the drain take a look at, should you solely see a dribble of water come out of the small tube, or in case your drain tube goes on to your rubbish disposal, then you definately’ll have to take an additional step. Remove the drain hose from the underside of the air hole or take away it from the rubbish disposal. Then put the hose in a bucket and begin the draining course of once more as you shake the hose. This ought to dislodge the clog and get it draining once more.

If you’ve ever puzzled, “Should I rinse the meals off my dishes earlier than I load the dishes?” … right here’s my skilled reply to this quite common query: Yes, undoubtedly sure.

3. Oven Door Won’t Stay Closed

This restore borders on equipment magic and plenty of of my YouTube viewers who do this repair can’t imagine how straightforward it was to do. You’ll want two dishtowels and you’ll full this repair in below two minutes.

The signs of an oven door that doesn’t shut sufficient are:

  • The oven gentle sparkles or stays on on a regular basis.
  • The oven received’t begin.
  • If it does begin, warmth could be felt escaping from the highest of the oven.

Here’s the repair:

Step One

Fold the 2 small dishtowels in half after which fold them as soon as extra.

Step Two

Place the 2 folded dish towels flat in opposition to the within of the door within the decrease right- and left-hand corners proper the place the hinges are.

Folded dishtowels in left side of oven door

Now for the magic.

Step Three

Close the oven door and push in on the high 3 times.

Progressively push the door additional every time. You’ll meet some resistance however with somewhat extra effort you may get the door to completely shut by the third push.

pushing oven door closed on dishtowels

Now open the door, take away the dish towels, and put together to be impressed together with your repair. Your oven door will now absolutely shut. If you need it to shut even additional, repeat the above course of after folding the dishtowels as soon as extra to make them somewhat thicker.

I hope you could have loved these three fast and straightforward fixes. Thank you for fixing your equipment and serving to to maintain extra home equipment out of our landfills. Should you could have any questions, please contact me at: We have lots of of extra fast and straightforward DIY equipment fixes right here on our YouTube channel: Green Appliance Repair Videos. You’ll additionally discover the above fixes defined in video type.

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