Fix-It Guy: 3 Tips to Double the Life of Your Front-Load Washer

Fix-It Guy: 3 Tips to Double the Life of Your Front-Load Washer

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One of my saddest duties as an equipment restore tech is breaking the information to a buyer that it’s going to price over $500 to restore their front-load washer. I do know that almost definitely they may purchase a new machine and the damaged washer will find yourself within the landfill. But a few of the most typical issues are straightforward to forestall. These three ideas can double the service lifetime of your front-load washer, saving you cash and retaining it out of the landfill.

1. Tip: Avoid Washing Heavy Items

Front-load washers ought to final over 10 years, so customers are understandably upset when their machines final solely half that point. Often, on the four-year mark, a buyer will inform me that their washer could be very loud and wobbly throughout high-speed spin: “My washer appears like a jet taking off throughout spin.” This all-too-common criticism is the loss of life knell of the front-load washer. The drawback is both a worn-out rear bearing or a damaged spider assist bracket. The identical observe causes each of those issues and it’s straightforward to keep away from.

First, try this video to see find out how to take a look at your washer for a worn-out bearing.

[embedded content]

What causes your washer’s rear bearing to fail or the spider bracket to interrupt? Here is one potential perpetrator:

bath mat
When moist, tub mats are too heavy to your machine’s spin cycle. Image credit score:

Bathroom mats take in a lot water that they turn out to be a lot too heavy to your machine to spin. Washing them wears out the elements prematurely and cuts the washer’s life span in half.

Other gadgets that may result in the untimely loss of life of your washer embody:

  • Blankets
  • Comforters
  • Sleeping luggage
  • Weighted blankets
  • Dog pads/mats

All of the above are too heavy and past what your washer was designed to deal with. But nowhere in your washer’s proprietor’s guide will it say something about avoiding washing heavy gadgets.

My clients ask, “How am I supposed to scrub my giant, heavy gadgets?” My recommendation: Make the trek to the native coin-operated laundromat as soon as a month; their large, strong machines can deal with heavy-duty washing.

2. Tip: Keep Washer Door Open Between Washes

Countless front-loaders are thrown out every year because of an accumulation of black mould all through the machine — notably on the gray rubber door boot seal. Customers complain, “My garments scent worse after they come out of the washer than after I put them in.”

Not solely does the black mould scent actually unhealthy, but it surely additionally could be a main well being drawback for many individuals.

Black mold in door boot seal of front-load washer
Black mould on the door boot seal. Photo credit score:

Black mould is a typical drawback with all front-load washer designs. It’s so pervasive that there are quite a few class-action lawsuits towards front-load washer producers.

To stop water from leaking out of the machine when it’s operating, the door is manufactured to be water-tight when it’s closed. Unfortunately, many individuals shut the door after they end utilizing the washer. With the door closed, the within of the washer is a heat, moist, air-tight surroundings that mould loves. And the rubber door gasket is an ideal matrix for the mould spores to latch onto.

This video exhibits find out how to exchange the mold-covered door boot.

[embedded content]

You can simply keep away from the mould drawback with this straightforward tip: Keep your front-load washer door open when not in use. This permits airflow so the rubber door gasket can dry out between makes use of.

Some individuals have complained to me, “I can’t go away my washer door open as a result of my cat will leap contained in the washer.” You don’t want to depart it vast open; it’s OK to depart it open by simply 1 inch as proven on this picture:

LG front-door washer's magnetic door prop
LG washer’s built-in magnet holds the door open simply 1 inch when not in use. Photo credit score:

The picture above is of an LG washer that has a built-in magnet that holds the door open simply 1 inch when not in use. LG made this modification in response to a class-action lawsuit.

Another observe that helps is wiping out the door boot with a small towel after every wash — particularly the world on the backside of the rubber door boot the place water collects.

I additionally recommend utilizing Affresh washing machine cleaner as soon as a month. Running a sizzling cycle with one Affresh pill will stop mould from forming. If you already see mould on the gasket, run the identical process twice in a row. It’s very arduous to take away black mould stains, however the Affresh cleansing cycle will take away the mould and also you’ll solely have a mould stain remaining.

3. Tip: Clean the Glass Door Bowl After Each Load

Water leaking out under the door is the most typical of those three front-loader points. And it’s the best to resolve.

An accumulation of filth, cleaning soap, and hair the place the glass door meets the rubber door boot compromises the door’s watertight seal. As a end result, water dribbles out all through the cycle, making a puddle in entrance of the washer.

You can repair this in below a minute. Just take a moist washcloth and wipe the underside exterior space of the glass door the place it meets the rubber door boot as proven on this video: How To Stop Front Leak. Problem solved.

The silver lining to all three of those widespread front-load washer issues is that they’re straightforward to keep away from. Just comply with these tricks to prolong the lifetime of your front-load washer: Avoid washing heavy gadgets, hold the door open when not in use, and clear the glass door bowl after every wash.