How to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxic PFAS

How to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxic PFAS

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Many of our on a regular basis merchandise include extremely poisonous fluorinated chemical compounds often called per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Used in business merchandise because the Nineteen Forties, this household of hundreds of long-lasting human-made chemical compounds breaks down very slowly over time. Because they include a particularly sturdy carbon-fluorine bond, these chemical compounds don’t readily degrade within the surroundings. For this motive, they’ve the nickname “eternally chemical compounds.”

PFAS are generally used across the globe in nonstick cookware, meals wrappers, fire-fighting foams, fertilizers from sewage, and waterproofing or stain-repellent chemical compounds. They are broadly utilized by many industries, together with aerospace, automotive, textiles, development, electronics, and the navy. In addition, they’ve been discovered within the surroundings, together with in drinking water supplies and waterways, and in wildlife, together with fish and deer.

Unfortunately, these chemical compounds are very widespread. PFAS are discovered within the bloodstreams of 97% of Americans and will take years to go away the physique. PFAS are linked to health problems together with most cancers, immune system issues, and reproductive points. As concern and consciousness about these chemical compounds develop, a nationwide disaster is rising.

How am I uncovered to PFAS?

Numerous drinking water sources are identified to be contaminated with PFAS, however extra analysis is required to know the complete scope of the difficulty. The Environmental Working Group tracking map reveals that PFAS contaminate the consuming water sources of tens of millions of individuals; nevertheless, the extent is perhaps far better. EWG scientists consider that PFAS is likely detectable in all major water supplies in the United States. While many sources haven’t been properly examined, concern and consciousness are rising throughout the globe. In the meantime, a wide range of merchandise that line our retailer cabinets include PFAS or are packaged in supplies that include them.

Non-stick cookware incorporates PFAS. Although the unique chemical used to fabricate Teflon is not available on the market, it’s unknown if the brand new PFAS are safer alternate options. Paper and cardboard food wrappers for fast food and bakery items are generally handled with coatings containing PFAS to make these supplies water and oil-resistant.

Fabric therapies for furnishings and carpets, comparable to Stainmaster and Scotchgard, include PFAS. Likewise, clothes that are water or stain-repellent, comparable to Gore-Tex boots and coats, and even many cosmetics and private care merchandise include them additionally.

PFAS Contamination in the U.S.
PFAS Contamination within the U.S. (October 4, 2021) Source: EWG

How can I scale back my publicity to those chemical compounds?

Although it’s almost not possible to get rid of your publicity to PFAS, it’s attainable to attenuate it. First, decide in case your consuming water is contaminated with these chemical compounds. If your water is from the general public consuming water system, decide if it’s been examined for PFAS by referring to the EWG interactive map. On the opposite hand, in case your consuming water is from a private well, you will want to conduct the testing, ideally with a state-certified lab that makes use of strategies developed by the EPA.

If you’re involved that your water has unsafe ranges, use an NSF-certified water filter that removes PFAS. Ask your water utility what they’re doing to cut back ranges, comparable to altering consuming water sources or utilizing filtration. Also, name your state well being division or native environmental safety company for steering.

Because PFAS can gather in family mud, it’s useful to hoover rugs commonly, use a mop on flooring, and wipe down surfaces with a humid fabric. Avoid buying stain-resistant furnishings and carpets each time attainable. If you utilize non-stick pans, think about changing them with cast iron or stainless-steel cookware. In addition, assist clothes manufacturers that do not use PFAS in their clothing.

Either keep away from quick meals and takeout meals or search for eating places and retailers which might be clearly taking steps to cut back PFAS publicity. For instance, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Whole Foods, and Burger King have created targets to eliminate the use of PFAS in food packaging. Also, keep away from heating meals in containers that will include water and oil-resistant coatings, just like the bagged model of microwave popcorn.

In addition, some cosmetic companies have voluntarily eliminated the use of PFAS of their merchandise. Although the checklist is comparatively brief, these firms embrace Burt’s Bees, H&M, and Pacifica. Voicing your concern to firms that proceed utilizing these poisonous chemical compounds may help encourage constructive change.

Removing bag of popcorn from microwave
Protective coatings on meals packaging like microwave popcorn luggage and hamburger wrappers usually include PFAS.

Aren’t PFAS chemical compounds being phased out?

Although particular varieties of PFAS often called PFOS and PFOA are not available on the market within the United States and Western Europe, researchers haven’t decided that their replacements, additionally a part of the PFAS household, are protected. PFOS and PFOA include eight carbon atoms and are often called lengthy chains. By distinction, their replacements include six carbon atoms and are often called “short-chain” PFAS. Yet DuPont admits that the short-chain chemical GenX causes cancerous tumors in lab animals, and a 2019 Auburn University examine states that brief chains might pose a better well being danger than lengthy chains.

Thus, extra analysis is required to find out the human well being results of those chemical compounds, lower neighborhood publicity to them, and determine high-risk populations. Ideally, policymakers, regulatory businesses, producers, and shoppers will then use this info to cut back human and environmental publicity.

Aren’t there legal guidelines that regulate using PFAS?

Although many of those chemical compounds present sure advantages, the potential price to human well being and the surroundings is staggering. There are legal guidelines regulating some PFAS however others stay in use. Ultimately, native and nationwide lawmakers must create insurance policies that shield people and communities from the well being impacts of those poisonous chemical compounds.

There is a latest invoice launched within the House to ban the intentional use of PFAS in cosmetics. Also, some states have taken strides to restrict PFAS use in varied shopper merchandise. You can present your assist for such laws by contacting your lawmakers.

“State legislatures acknowledge the severity of the poisonous PFAS disaster we’re dealing with and so they’re taking motion,” said Sarah Doll, nationwide director of Safer States, in a press release. “States proceed to paved the way in addressing these severe issues with urgency and progressive options.”

Ultimately, it’s crucial to dramatically scale back using these poisonous chemical compounds as shortly as attainable to cease them from accumulating within the surroundings. Certainly, cleanup efforts are additionally important, as these chemical compounds are extraordinarily persistent and have been in use for many years.

In the meantime, shield your self by taking steps to cut back your publicity to PFAS. Write or name your elected officials and allow them to know you’re involved about these poisonous chemical compounds and their presence in merchandise you and your loved ones are uncovered to day by day. Ask them to move legal guidelines to manage them, for phase-out packages, and for labeling to determine merchandise that include them. And urge them to make sure your consuming water is protected and to implement PFAS cleanup when mandatory.