Interesting facts about renewable energy

Interesting facts about renewable energy

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Most of us are conscious that renewable vitality is the one sustainable choice now we have to energy our houses. But there are many wonderful nuggets of data that you just won’t have identified, and which present simply how far we’ve come when it comes to creating a cheap various to fossil fuels. They would possibly even make you wish to take a look at how energy is supplied to your home by re-evaluating your electricity plan and how you heat your house.

  1. Hydropower makes up 18% of the world’s era of energy, making it the biggest renewable vitality supply.
  2. In the UK, it’s wind vitality that reigns supreme. We have practically 11,000 generators producing sufficient vitality to energy 18 million houses.
  3. Iceland generates 100% of its electricity and heat from renewable resources. It’s the one nation to take action, and takes benefit of the geothermal vitality from the volcanic areas on the island, in addition to hydropower.
  4. Women make up simply 21% of roles within the fossil gas business, however 32% within the renewable vitality business.
  5. In 2020, international funding in inexperienced vitality rose by 9%.
  6. There’s nothing new about renewable vitality – harnessing the wind is a follow that dates again greater than 7,000 years, the waterwheel (a precursor to hydropower crops) was in use 2,000 years in the past, and the Romans would warmth their houses utilizing geothermal vitality to maneuver heat air beneath their flooring and inside their partitions.
  7. It’s estimated that solely utilizing renewable vitality would clear the air to a degree the place we’d save between 4 million and 7 million lives.
  8. In one hour, the solar gives sufficient photo voltaic vitality to maintain Planet Earth equipped with electrical energy for a 12 months.
  9. NASA is at the moment taking a look at methods to offer inexperienced vitality to the world from the moon.
  10. In 2016 an engineless plane flew around the world using solar power and wings alone. It took 25 days of flying, over a five-month interval.
  11. China builds two wind generators each hour.
  12. A single 2.5 MW wind turbine can energy greater than 1,400 houses, which suggests if a neighborhood decides it desires to go renewable, it would find a way to take action itself with the set up of only one turbine.
  13. In 2004 the renewable vitality sector employed 1.7 million individuals. By 2019 that quantity had risen to 11.5 million – 5 occasions extra jobs than within the fossil gas sector.

It’s clear that, when speaking about vitality provide, we’re dwelling in an period of transition. For years we relied on fossil fuels with out a viable various, however now that has modified and other people’s preferences are altering with it. Climate is now excessive on the agenda for governments worldwide with pollution-reduction targets being promised and campaigners guaranteeing they stick to those guarantees. But we are able to all do our bit, and switching to inexperienced vitality is an effective way to do it.

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