Islam’s ban on alcohol and how it’s applied

Islam’s ban on alcohol and how it’s applied

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Those attending the World Cup 2022 in Qatar could also be culture-shocked into studying that alcohol is banned in Muslim international locations. Of course some exceptions do exist for foreigners and for Muslims who can discover their very own speak-easies. 

Why don’t Muslims drink alcohol is an outdated query we’ve had on Green Prophet over time. And we’re comfortable to sum up why alcohol is taboo. Cannabis (even just in your blood) and extra-marital relations are additionally forbidden or taboo, as is homosexual intercourse in some Muslim international locations. Breaking the regulation in Qatar, Kuwait (remember the gaydar test?), Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates can land you in jail indefinitely so don’t mess with the authorities if you’re flying in for the World Cup. And when you find yourself there you positively don’t wish to say destructive issues concerning the state. 

The political system of Qatar is a semi-constitutional monarchy with the as head of state and chief govt, and the prime minister as the top of presidency.

So what’s the story with alcohol and Qatar?

Just two days earlier than the World Cup opener, the worldwide host nation Qatar banned the sale of beer at stadiums in a really sudden determination.

Qatar is saying that they’re comfortable to have followers are available in from around the globe, however they’re asying, “respect our traditions”. Alcohol consumption in any quantity, say some imams, will not be allowed in Islam. While others say you’re allowed to drink however not get drunk. Do notice that some Muslims could contemplate something with alcohol in it haram, or forbidden and which will embrace drugs, mouth wash or candies with brandy.

What does the Quran say about alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is taken into account haram by the Muslim holy guide, the Quran, which states that alcohol is the “the work of Satan” and believers finest keep away from it. Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad again up these texts.

When Muslims contemplate their life-style and approach to conduct themselves on this planet, many select to eat no meals or drugs with alcohol. Observant Muslims could select to not work in a restaurant, stadium or mini-market promoting alcohol. They could not use perfumes with alcohol or utterly chorus from occasions like weddings and birthdays or work occasions the place alcohol is getting used.

There are about one billion Muslim-born individuals on this planet and never all comply with the edicts given to them. The degree they’ll veer from traditions is determined by their decisions and international locations the place they dwell. According to a survey carried out by the Pew Research Group revealed in 2013, and which included 38,000 responses from 37 international locations, one in 10 Muslims stated they thought alcohol is morally okay. The international locations that held strongest beliefs that alcohol is fallacious included Thailand, Ghana, Malaysia, the Palestinian territories, Indonesia, Niger and Pakistan.

How alcohol is utilized in Muslim international locations

My mates from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates say they know the place to purchase alcohol in the event that they want it. Regulations range however if you’re in Saudi Arabia, be warned as they outlaw it. You could be flogged and go to jail for consuming within the kingdom. This view would possibly change as Saudi Arabia opens new inns for westerners. 

Dubai is extra relaxed about alcohol however hashish not a lot. You can discover bars and nightclubs in Dubai and the emirate has discovered itself having fun with tax revenues from alcohol gross sales. Jordan which additionally has a major Christian native inhabitants, permits alcohol, and identical with close by Israel. 

Alcohol is simple to come back by in Egypt by about 80% of the individuals there assume it’s morally fallacious. 

Drinking alcohol in Qatar

Qatar is extra like Saudi Arabia in relation to alcohol. They comply with an ultra-conservative type of Islam known as Wahhabism which strictly limits shopping for, promoting and consuming alcohol. Bad information for revelling soccer followers from Europe.

You can discover alcohol in Qatar in bars and inns and whereas concessions have been made for it to be served on the World Cup, at stadiums and at fan zones within the evenings, the Qatar rulers confirmed an about face: it was introduced that solely non-alcoholic beer can be out there on the stadiums, aside from within the luxurious hospitality areas the place champagne, wine, whiskey and different alcohol is served. Consider that overwhelming majority of ticket holders don’t have entry to these areas.

Brazil banned it at their internet hosting season of the World Cup however not on spiritual grounds. They have been fearful followers would turn out to be too violent. With lengthy traces and costly price-tags, and violent after-effects, perhaps we must always have a good time much less alcohol at sporting occasions. Just go away the vape pipes at house and save them for sporting occasions in Canada.

Want to know extra about alcohol and Islam? Our guide on Muslims and alcohol is a really deep primer. Read it earlier than you head to Qatar or invite your Muslim mates over for lunch.