Maven Moment: Cooling Off With Iced Tea

Maven Moment: Cooling Off With Iced Tea

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My grandma liked to drink tea. It appeared like she was at all times brewing a cup of Lipton tea. Even when it was sizzling, she didn’t drink iced tea; she preferred her hot brewed tea — with slightly milk, no sugar. Grandma saved the used bag in slightly tea bag holder formed like a teapot till she was able to put it within the milk carton by the sink for disposal. She may even save the bag to make a second cup when she didn’t thoughts a weaker cup of tea.

Mom wasn’t a fan of sizzling tea, however she liked iced tea in the summertime. When she wanted to remain hydrated for her well being’s sake, she often drank cranberry water, however for a change, she loved fruit-flavored iced tea. Mango and peach have been her favourite flavors.

I discover tea to be cheaper and far more healthy than sugar-laden soda. And it’s straightforward to customise tea to your tastes. There are numerous different teas (like inexperienced or natural) and you may add as a lot or as little sweetener as you want. Lemons and herbs (like basil and mint) are tasty enhancements that I like so as to add to tea.

On these sunny summer season days, I don’t even boil water to make iced tea. I simply make sun tea after which add ice. It’s straightforward: Take a big jar, fill it with water, add a couple of tea baggage, and place it by a sunny window. The brilliant daylight offers all of the power to brew the tea. It’s good for iced tea because the water doesn’t boil so it cools down in much less time. And you save power!

I believe that brewing tea (and composting the leaves) is means more healthy and extra eco-friendly than sugary drinks and sodas in plastic bottles. I’m cooling off with iced tea this summer season!