Mosquitos Driving You Nuts? Attract a Bat Colony

Mosquitos Driving You Nuts? Attract a Bat Colony

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Is your yard swarming with mosquitos? An glorious strategy to hold flying bugs at bay with out dangerous chemical compounds is to recruit bats to eat them. Providing bats with the fitting habitat encourages them to take up residence close by.

Bats prefer to reside in tight crevices in wood buildings, akin to below the bark on a tree and even in window frames and attics. Some locations are much less supreme than others, so offering a bat field or bat home is a superb strategy to encourage them to reside in a fascinating location.

An supreme bat home will emulate the pure qualities they search. It has a decent wood area with some surfaces for bats to hold the wrong way up within the daytime when they’re sleeping, grooming, and interacting with different bats. Bats then go away the shelter at nightfall to hunt for meals.

Can I construct my very own bat home?

Many fashions are comparatively simple to construct in case you are simply barely helpful. There are additionally quite a few premade bat houses out there you could buy.

Cedarwood is a superb alternative as a result of it’s so sturdy and naturally prevents rot and decay. Avoid utilizing handled wooden, which may very well be undesirable and even dangerous to the bats.

This video guides viewers in making a bat field out of cedar fence posts and requires a round noticed.

[embedded content]

You can obtain a free bat house construction plan from Bat Conservation International’s web site.

What colour bat shelter do I would like?

The colour of the bat field is determined by the place you reside. If you’re in a cold climate, together with the Northeast and elements of the higher Midwest and Northwest, use a black or dark-colored field. Throughout a lot of the United States, a medium-colored field is right. Refer to this map to find out the perfect colour to your space.

Where ought to I grasp a bat field?

It is essential to discover a good location for your bat box to have the perfect possibilities of attracting a colony of bats. So let’s discover a number of the most essential elements to think about.

Sunny location

Bats like a sunny location the place the field receives six to eight hours of direct daylight. Direct daylight is very essential in colder climates the place the daylight is required to remain heat. Thus, keep away from hanging the bat home on a tree the place will probably be shaded or the north aspect of a home or storage. The east or south sides of buildings are the perfect.

Mounting location

The greatest place to hold a bat field is on a pole (in moderate or tropical climates) or on the aspect of a construction. Trees sometimes present an excessive amount of shade, and the branches can inhibit flight, making them a much less interesting location.

Mount the home a minimum of 12 to twenty toes up within the air. The bat colony wants to have the ability to drop out of the field after they exit, so vegetation and different obstructions would block their flight. Also, bats concern owls and climbing predators, so grasp your bat shelter a minimum of 20 toes away from bushes each time attainable.

Proximity to water

Bats favor dwelling close to a water supply, akin to a stream, lake, or pond. Such places are additionally extra more likely to have a number of bugs for them to eat.

A quiet location

Like most wild creatures, bats favor being situated in lower-traffic areas. So keep away from places the place the bats might be disturbed, akin to close to a busy freeway or cat’s searching grounds.

Brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus)
Avoid situating your bat field in a loud location.

How lengthy will it take earlier than bats transfer into the bat field?

This varies broadly relying on the necessity in your space for shelter. When the necessity is best, you may need bats transfer in inside a number of days. Often, it may take months or probably years for bats to take up residence. If you’ve got a top quality bat field and it’s hung in a very good location, be affected person.

Why are bats essential for ecosystems?

Bats play a number of important roles, together with dispersing seeds, preserving insect populations below management, and pollinating plants. Therefore, bats play a essential position in ecosystem well being and agricultural productiveness by mitigating the necessity for insecticide and preventing crop damage.

Sadly, bat populations are in decline for decades, partially as a consequence of White-Nose Syndrome, a fungal illness that has killed thousands and thousands of bats. Other important threats to bat populations are wind generators and habitat loss.