Recommended Viewing: John Oliver on Plastic Recycling

Recommended Viewing: John Oliver on Plastic Recycling

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John Oliver is a grasp explainer of sophisticated points who centered on plastic recycling in Sunday’s installment of HBO’s Last Week Tonight. Much of the data is not going to be new to you, Earthlings. We endorse his name for prolonged producer accountability legal guidelines within the United States, which would require corporations to get better the merchandise and packaging they promote.

The different vital motion wanted is funding in analysis and growth to ship biodegradable plant-based options to petroleum-based plastics. There isn’t any motive that an business that sprang up utilizing oil as its main materials over the previous 70 years can’t change its practices. The downside is that there’s not sufficient effort to discover a method ahead. The proof? It hasn’t occurred but. While industries all throughout the financial system are being disrupted usually by upstart applied sciences, plastic has stayed comfortably ensconced in its petrochemical partnership.

Watch and luxuriate in — regardless that it’s not pleasing to listen to this reality. Then, savor the truth that in 2021 the dialogue on plastic recycling is lastly going mainstream.

Please bear in mind that Last Week Tonight options mature language. This video is just not advisable for youngsters.

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