Recycling Mystery: Automobile Floor Mats

Recycling Mystery: Automobile Floor Mats

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Recycling your car ground mats, produced from a recyclable thermoelastic polymer (TPE), is difficult because of the distinctive recycling necessities for the supplies. Use this information to recycle or repurpose these mats successfully, treating the landfill as your final, least enticing choice.

When we checked a set of WeatherTech mats, the most well-liked after-market maker of mats, we discovered they’re made with #7 plastic. This resin quantity covers the myriad types of plastic invented because the introduction of the numbering system, and it’s not extensively accepted for recycling within the United States. While the numbers are introduced in a recycling chasing arrow image, this doesn’t imply they are often recycled close to you or in any respect. 

Moreover, the uncommon form and dimension of ground mats make them very problematic for recycling programs. If your recycler does settle for the mats, you could want to chop the fabric into manageable strips earlier than placing them into the system.

WeatherTech encourages the recycling of their ground mats. The firm explains that its mats are made of recyclable materials, and whereas that could be technically correct, WeatherTech supplies no details about the right way to recycle its merchandise regionally. You ought to search for the recycling image and quantity on the again of the mat to determine the particular kind of plastic, after which search Earth911’s database or name your native auto junkyards to see if they need ground mats​. 

Repurpose or Donate

If your native curbside program and switch station don’t take these mats, it’s value checking with different close by amenities. Again, check the Earth911 database utilizing the resin quantity and “inflexible” to search out native choices. Specialty recycling facilities and donation packages that deal with automotive components would possibly be capable of take them, as automobile parts like mats and carpets are reusable​.

Reuse and Upcycle

These mats are sturdy and practical in areas that see loads of put on or mess.  If recycling isn’t an choice, think about restoring your mats for continued use or repurposing them within the storage, a workshop, or trunk

For a extra inventive answer, upcycle your previous automobile mats. You can flip them into helpful objects corresponding to coasters, doormats, or planter bases that shield your ground from moisture. Reuse not solely prevents the mats from ending up in a landfill but in addition provides them a brand new life in a brand new type​.

Other Floor Mats & Take-Back Programs

Suppose your automobile got here with ground mats that mix plastic, rubber, cloth, or pure fiber. In that case, they don’t seem to be doubtless recyclable as a result of the supplies can’t be simply separated for processing. So, what to do? The most expedient choice is deciding on mats made by an organization that may take them again, however now we have but to search out firms that provide these providers. Tell your automobile seller, WeatherTech, or any firm providing car ground mats that you really want a accountable, round product and never simply supplies that may inevitably find yourself in a landfill.

By recycling, repurposing, or responsibly disposing of ground mats, you contribute to a cleaner surroundings.

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