We Earthlings: The Carbon Footprint of Jeans

We Earthlings: The Carbon Footprint of Jeans

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Jeans are a staple in many individuals’s wardrobes, one thing we put on on a regular basis and don’t actually take into consideration a lot. But each piece of clothes has a carbon footprint. Be conscious of the footprint our denims make on the world. One pair of denims carries a 915-pound carbon footprint over 4 years of weekly use. Think about what you put on and tips on how to take advantage of your wardrobe.

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Data supply: Go-Green.ae

The supply of our information refers back to the outcomes of a research by the Department of Eco-Design and Sustainable Development of the French Environment Agency: “The manufacturing course of is believed to be chargeable for roughly 59 per cent of the local weather change influence, whereas the usage of the denims and finish of life course of (i.e., heading to a landfill) accounts for the remaining 41 per cent.”

This put up was initially revealed on September 24, 2019.