When and How To Get Rid of Your Old Car

When and How To Get Rid of Your Old Car

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Replacing all of your previous stuff with new inexperienced merchandise scratches the patron itch and appears like doing one thing good for the surroundings. But “substitute” shouldn’t be one of many 3Rs of environmentalism. When you’re attempting to cut back, reuse, and recycle, hanging on to your previous stuff so long as potential is often a part of the equation. That’s positive for objects like clothes, however the equation will get extra difficult for objects that proceed to pollute each time you employ them, like vehicles. Fortunately, the mathematics isn’t very laborious, and you’ve got loads of choices for disposing of your previous automobile when it’s time to go electrical.

Embodied Carbon vs Carbon Footprint

When individuals determine to purchase a brand new automobile to be extra environment friendly, they’re fascinated by their carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is a straightforward solution to categorical the environmental impression of an exercise. It is often based mostly on the quantity of greenhouse fuel emissions that exercise produces, that are measured in CO2-eq. Driving a brand new automobile could have decrease carbon emissions than driving an previous one as a result of newer vehicles are constructed to increased emissions standards, are often extra fuel efficient, and are much less more likely to leak oil or different pollution.

But earlier than a brand new automobile drives its first mile, it has already created important environmental impacts. Manufacturing new vehicles requires a variety of power, makes use of a variety of supplies, and infrequently creates important quantities of waste and air pollution. The carbon footprint of the whole lot that precedes the usage of the automobile is its embodied carbon (or typically, embodied power). Material production accounts for about 20% of life cycle emissions in a fossil-fueled automobile. It’s nearer to 40% for an electrical automobile.

Doing the Math

Whether it is sensible to improve relies upon so much on what you drive now, and the way rather more environment friendly your new automobile shall be. It additionally relies on the electricity source. An EV operating solely on coal-powered electrical energy received’t cut back emissions as a lot as one powered by renewables. Replacing your three-year-old Honda Civic with a brand new GMC Hummer EV shouldn’t be actually doing the surroundings any favors.

Reuters used an Argonne National Laboratory mannequin to find out the point at which an EV turns into cleaner than an equal gasoline automobile by way of its lifetime carbon footprint. For a midsize automobile, they decided the break-even level at 13,500 miles. Another research indicated that the majority EVs will offset the emissions from manufacturing by 19,000 miles. These research examine new automobiles – “paying off” the carbon debt of a brand new EV would take longer if in comparison with a used automobile.

Ars Technica in contrast the impacts of a brand new EV with these of a 2010 combustion engine automobile. They concluded that the environmental impression of the EV would match that of the previous automobile after two years. Beyond two years, the EV can be an enchancment over the previous automobile.

You could make the same calculation to estimate emissions to your personal state of affairs:

  1. Look up or calculate your present automobile’s fuel mileage.
  2. Estimate the variety of miles you drive in a yr.
  3. Multiply 8,887 grams of CO2 by the variety of gallons of gas you burn in a yr.
  4. Look up the EPA emissions estimates for the EV you’re contemplating.
  5. Multiply the outcomes by your annual mileage.
  6. Look for information on the embodied carbon of the EV you’re contemplating. If you’ll be able to’t discover it, use the Union of Concerned Scientists’ estimate of 12,000 kilos of CO2.
  7. Add the worth in steps 5 and 6 to calculate the primary yr’s emissions for the EV. Compare this to the worth in step 3 to your present automobile.
  8. Continue including the values in steps 3 and 5 to their respective automobiles till the end result for the EV is the same as or lower than the end result to your present automobile. This is the variety of years earlier than the previous automobile’s footprint exceeds that of the brand new EV.
Tow truck towing old broken-down car
Some charities restore drivable automobiles and provides them to individuals in want. Others will tow away unusable automobiles to strip for saleable components.

Getting Rid of Your Old Car

Whether or not it is sensible to improve now, ultimately you’ll need to do away with your previous automobile. If you’re merely upgrading, buying and selling it in or promoting it’s the apparent selection. You can assist somebody on the market substitute their previous fuel guzzler together with your comparatively environment friendly automobile.

But in case your automobile is the guzzler, or if it offers up the ghost solely, how do you get rid of it? You might donate it to charity. Some charities restore drivable automobiles and provides them to individuals in want. Others will tow away unusable automobiles to strip for saleable components. Be certain to search out out what occurs to the automobile and the way the charity disposes of any unusable components earlier than you donate.

By weight, automobiles are about 75% steel, each ferrous and non-ferrous, which is recyclable. The remaining 25% consists of tires (which is usually a problem to recycle), fluids reminiscent of used oil, antifreeze, lubricants, gasoline or diesel, and different supplies. These different supplies embrace glass, plastic, cloth, rubber, and digital parts. Many of those supplies are recyclable. Others are poisonous and have to be dealt with with care. Some supplies are each poisonous and recyclable. Breaking down your automobile requires a accountable recycler. Salvage yards are essential for recycling each material present in motor automobiles. But they can be a supply of air pollution and endanger the well being of close by communities with out correct upkeep and regulation. Many accountable salvage yards require you to take away and get rid of automotive fluids earlier than they settle for your junk automobile. You can discover charities and recyclers utilizing Earth911’s recycling directory.

If You Do Buy

Consider shopping for a extra efficient secondhand vehicle. Any used automobile that will get higher mileage than your previous one is a step in the correct route, with out producing further embodied carbon prices. Also contemplate fastidiously whether or not you really want a pickup or SUV – weight and aerodynamics nonetheless have an effect on the efficiency of EVs. Whatever dimension automobile you determine on, it’s all the time best to choose the electrical model.

If you don’t select an EV (for instance, as a result of your own home’s electrical system received’t assist it with out expensive upgrades or your electrical energy comes solely from coal crops), select the automobile with the very best fuel mileage which you could get. Look for automobiles with repeatedly variable transmissions (CVT) – they’re 10% more efficient than the identical mannequin with an computerized transmission. Whatever automobile you personal, you’ll be able to cut back your transportation carbon footprint by holding it well-maintained, by no means idling the engine, and driving much less.

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