Eco-Friendly Ways To De-Ice Your Sidewalk

Eco-Friendly Ways To De-Ice Your Sidewalk

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When the snow begins falling, it’s tempting to retreat into the home and hibernate till spring. But irrespective of how tempting, it’s sadly not potential. Even if we didn’t must go to work, regulations in most communities maintain people chargeable for clearing the sidewalks in entrance of their houses.

There is loads of conflicting recommendation about one of the best ways to clear a sidewalk, and most of it doesn’t think about environmental impacts. But we do.

Know Your Conditions

The finest method to clear snow depends upon what sort of snow you will have. You might solely want a shovel for clearing dry, powdery snow, or chances are you’ll want de-icer even when your snow doesn’t stick. Take snow recommendation with a grain of salt. Better but, keep away from the salt as a result of it may possibly pollute your native water provide — however all the time do think about your personal snow circumstances.

Safety First

Avoiding chemical compounds is often the most secure selection. Don’t use de-icer if merely shoveling snow will work. If you don’t get snow usually, you may cowl the sidewalk with a tarp when snow is anticipated. After the snow stops, elevate the tarp for a transparent pathway.

If shoveling is important, discover ways to do it safely with out damage. Lifestyle hackers typically advocate store vacs or leaf blowers as an alternative of shovels for snow removing. Unless you’re bodily unable to shovel snow (and can’t discover somebody who can do it for you) it’s finest to avoid polluting machinery.

If it’s essential to use de-icer, use the smallest efficient quantity and apply it solely the place crucial. That stated, for areas like driveways and sidewalks that you just do clear, do the job proper. Clearing a path solely as broad as a snow shovel doesn’t profit wheelchair customers, individuals with mobility points, or adults holding a baby’s hand or pushing a stroller. Provide a wider path and clear curb cuts to maintain your sidewalk secure for everybody.


Before reaching for de-icer, think about supplies like sandbox sand or kitty litter that gained’t soften ice however can present traction. Fireplace ash is one other selection; relying in your soil sort, this could possibly be helpful to your crops. Alfalfa meal is one other materials which will function a fertilizer whereas additionally offering traction.


A preferred and comparatively secure DIY de-icer makes use of dish cleaning soap and rubbing alcohol diluted in scorching water.

If it’s essential to use a industrial de-icer, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride are barely much less dangerous to crops (and work at a lot decrease temps) than rock salt (sodium chloride). Urea can work as a de-icer, too. Used sparingly, urea may be helpful as a fertilizer. But it may possibly additionally result in eutrophication in downstream waters and burn crops at larger concentrations.

The EPA maintains a list of de-icers that meet their Safer Choice Standards. These Safer Choice requirements don’t assure absolute security to people, pets, and the surroundings. But they do exclude essentially the most dangerous components whereas assuring comparable product efficiency.

Be the Good Neighbor!

Elderly or bodily restricted neighbors can’t apply your new de-icing information with out risking damage. About 100 Americans die shoveling snow yearly. If you may make the time, provide to assist clear a neighbor’s sidewalk to assist stop falls or worse. It’s an effective way to determine a brand new relationship and make your neighborhood a greater place.

Originally printed on January 9, 2020, this text was up to date in December 2022.