Infographic: How To Compost at Home

Infographic: How To Compost at Home

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Are you composting at house but? If not, you may need to think about it.

We generate greater than 292.4 million tons of trash yearly within the U.S. and greater than 42 million tons of that is yard trimmings and meals waste that may very well be composted. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “extra meals reaches landfills and incinerators than another single materials in our on a regular basis trash.”

Why must you care? When meals goes to landfills, it rots and produces methane, a dangerous greenhouse fuel. But by composting, you may put your meals scraps to work making a helpful soil amendment. Your completed compost will enhance soil well being and water retention and scale back the necessity for fertilizers and pesticides.

Composting additionally reduces the quantity of rubbish you produce — you might even discover you may downsize your trash bin and save a bit of cash. Worried in regards to the scent? A correctly maintained compost pile doesn’t stink (which is difficult to say a couple of rubbish can stuffed with rotting meals!). Even in case you don’t have a yard, there are a selection of compost solutions for you.

 , an insurance coverage price-comparison website, takes the stress out of composting at house. It

Infographic: How To Compost at Home
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This article was initially printed on September 4, 2020.