Meet Vita Sapien’s founder Guy Lane

Meet Vita Sapien’s founder Guy Lane

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Viat Sapien, Guy Lane

Vita Sapien, Guy Lane creates a brand new faith, a nature-based faith dedicated to our Living Planet

Normally, I’m upbeat about all this environmental stuff, however at this time, I really feel glum. Maybe I’m hung-over from the session of wine and discuss with my good friend, final night time. We have been up till all-hours discussing the abruptness of local weather change, biosphere collapse, and the close to complete absence of transition to a sustainable international financial system. 

Fortunately, I do know this glumness will quickly go as a result of I’ve a robust antidote to the unhappiness that comes from being awake to the fact of the Anthropocene. 

You see, I’m Vitan which implies that I observe Vita Sapien Organization (VISO) that advances Vita Worldview, Lifewise Philosophy, and Vita Religion.

Vita may be very completely different from the conventional type of faith we’re acquainted with because it doesn’t maintain a place on the existence of God/s or an everlasting soul. Instead, it’s a nature-based faith dedicated to our Living Planet.

Vita Religion teaches all life on Earth – plus the ocean, environment, and soil – kind a part of a single dwelling being referred to as Vitae-planeta, of which we people are half. Some readers will acknowledge this idea by different names corresponding to Gaia, Mother Nature, Pachamama and so one. It’s the concept that the biosphere is a single dwelling entity.

Vita Sapien Guy Lane

Vita Sapien, Guy Lane

Vita Religion teaches that each one the dwelling issues on Earth – together with we people – are cells within the physique of Vitae-planeta and that she maintains the temperature and chemistry of the ocean and environment to foster an abundance of life on Earth. She has been doing this efficiently for billions of years. 

When Vitae-planeta is in good well being, Planet Earth is an plentiful residence for people offering every thing that we have to reside wholesome, pleased, and productive lives.

Vita Religion doesn’t regard Vitae-planeta as a God, or a deity. Vitae-planeta just isn’t acutely aware or self-aware. Vitae-planeta didn’t create the Universe, and Vitae-planeta doesn’t observe you or make judgements about your habits. 

Instead, Vitae-planeta is an emergent property of the pure legal guidelines of the Universe enjoying out by way of the tapestry of life on Earth. Vitae-planeta is Planet Earth’s model of Pananima, and there are most likely trillions of Pananimas all through the Universe on planets which might be within the Habitable Zone of their star the place liquid water exists.

Vita Religion particulars how one can reside a significant life, a contented, contented life. Which brings me again to my gloomy disposition, at this time.

As a follower of Vita Religion, I select to not shut my eyes to what we people are doing to Living Planet, of which I’m a component. 

Fortunately, Vita’s philosophical basis presents enlightenment on these issues. 

To be enlightened is to grasp how issues actually are, and Vita is a singular faith in that its teachings are grounded in environmental science and framed by ecological spirituality. 

Furthermore, not like most religions which have a set texts, Vita Religion’s texts are frequently being written in scientific analysis institutes all over the world. In addition, the core texts are deliberate to float extra time to maintain in synch with the cultural zeitgeist of the time.

This is vital because the adherence to science permits Vita Religion to supply an evidence-based pathway for people and the opposite species of Earth to co-exist deep into the Long Future.

The idea of the Long Future says that our planet will likely be liveable for all times for a number of billions of years if it isn’t destroyed by human company, first. 

If we people can seriously change our methods, it’s conceivable that our race might exist for thousands and thousands extra years on this Earth. 

However, for this to occur we have to discover ways to turn into smart stewards of the entire Earth system. 

Can we do that? I consider we are able to. 

Will we do that? I’m listening to the oil males plotting our future at COP28. It’s not trying good, proper now.

If you learn the science of local weather, Planetary Boundaries, and the Anthropocene, you’ll perceive that we people have triggered an ideal storm that will but be deadly. We could have already handed main climactic tipping factors that can set our biosphere on the trail in direction of a rerun of the Permian Extinction – the Great Dying – that killed-off greater than 80 p.c of all dwelling issues on Earth, some 253 million years in the past. 

While this can be the case, it additionally could not. So, whereas we’re nonetheless respiration, we must always make haste to implement the antidote for these human-caused woes. The antidote is motion, and plenty of it.

If sufficient individuals consider, know and follow accordingly, we could possibly avert this looming extinction and as a substitute reside to benefit from the Verdant Age, the time when people and the Living Planet thrive in synergy.

It is believed that there are round 53 million individuals who would undertake Vita Worldview, Lifewise Philosophy, and perhaps even Vita Religion as soon as the thought is put earlier than them in a compelling method. One facet of this enrolment is fostering fast, mass-ecophany.

Ecophany is the thought of a non secular, mental, or emotional awaking to the marvel of our Living Planet and the dread of what’s going to befall us if we let her stay in sick well being. 

Vita Sapien Organisation is growing Ecophany Programs to assist thousands and thousands of individuals wake and get up for the Living Planet. 

53 million individuals is lots of people. That’s 8% of the Western Adults. To put this quantity into context, Extinction Rebellion literature means that no non-violent rise up has failed with 3.5% of the general public have been actively concerned. 

Vita Sapien Organization believes that solely a non secular awakening to nature in tens of thousands and thousands of individuals can stop the warmth loss of life of the human race. Vita Worldview, Lifewise Philosophy and Vita Religion may help make this occur. 

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