Mowing the Grass? Let It Lie To Grasscycle

Mowing the Grass? Let It Lie To Grasscycle

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Too usually, environmentalism is considered as “further.” It seems like a separate factor that you need to do on prime of the whole lot else in your life, as a substitute of an integral framework for the best way we reside. Since trendy society is designed round overconsumption and waste, it’s true that being environmentally accountable requires extra intention and energy than simply not fascinated with it.

But every so often, environmentalists get fortunate. Sometimes being inexperienced is about doing much less and never working so arduous. This is usually the case with regards to your garden. Take, for instance, grasscycling.

What Is Grasscycling?

Grasscycling is so simple as mowing the garden and leaving the clippings mendacity on the bottom.

If you’ve been raking and bagging, congratulations! You can now unencumber hours of your summer time. If you will have a self-bagging lawn mower, all you actually must do is take away the bag.

Some lawnmowers have a particular setting for grasscycling that chops the clippings into smaller items to hurry decomposition. If your lawnmower has this setting, by all means, use it. But if you happen to don’t have it, don’t really feel the necessity to purchase a brand new mower. Even with common mowing settings, grass clippings will break down shortly within the garden.

Why Grasscycle?

Grasscycling saves time and reduces waste. Grass clippings and different yard waste account for over 12% of solid waste in U.S. landfills, in response to the Environmental Protection Agency. But in the summertime, yard waste will be as a lot as half of the municipal waste stream. Grasscycling saves cash since you don’t want to purchase luggage and pay for disposal. But the first profit is to your garden.

Grass clippings comprise about 4% nitrogen, 2% potassium, and 1% phosphorus. Leaving them on the bottom can present as much as 25% of your garden’s fertilizer needs. The natural matter in decomposing grass additionally encourages wholesome soil micro organism and earthworms, additional contributing to garden well being. The further work of eradicating garden clippings is not only wasted effort, it’s actually robbing vitamins from the soil.

Grasscycle Wisely

In some cases, grasscycling just isn’t the most effective factor to your garden. If your garden is diseased, it is likely to be higher to gather and get rid of clippings till the issue is underneath management. Leaving clippings on the bottom may assist unfold the illness across the yard.

Take a second to examine how excessive your mower is ready from the bottom. Healthy grass needs to be lower to a few inches in peak. When mowing cuts half or extra of the garden peak, the ensuing clippings will be 4 or extra inches lengthy. Leaving very lengthy clippings on the garden can smother grass, which contributes to the dreaded thatch. In this case, it’s higher to gather the clippings and put them within the compost, the place they are going to be a precious supply of nitrogen.

Following a grasscycling apply is straightforward, good to your garden, and may prevent money and time in comparison with the much less environmentally accountable options. So, calm down this summer time and let your grass clippings do their pure work.

Feature picture by rseigler0 on Pixabay. This article was initially printed on August 3, 2018.