Best of Earth911 Podcast: Irrigreen’s Shane Dyer on Water-Saving Precision Irrigation

Best of Earth911 Podcast: Irrigreen’s Shane Dyer on Water-Saving Precision Irrigation

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Water is getting dearer as drought spreads resulting from local weather change, and within the Western U.S., shortage continues to drive water costs larger. Meet Shane Dyer, CEO of Irrigreen, a precision irrigation firm that just lately launched its first product for the house. Think of the Irrigreen sprinkler system as inkjet printing utilized to placing water precisely the place wanted to maintain a yard inexperienced or a garden productive. A smartphone app helps you map your yard to inform the system the place and the way a lot water is required. Irrigreen’s management system additionally accesses native climate info to regulate watering to optimize soil moisture.

Shane Dyer, CEO of Irrigreen, is our visitor on Sustainability In Your Ear.

The web site reports that the price of water throughout the nation has elevated by 3,968% since 1952 and continues to rise by 5.36% a yr. Whether you might be involved in regards to the surroundings or your pocketbook, it’s time to consider cutting water use in the yard, showering, doing the dishes, or washing clothes. Irrigreen’s use of machine studying, what most individuals name Artificial Intelligence right this moment, to exactly management water utility supplies sensible knowledge about measurable water and water-bill financial savings outcomes. You can study extra about Irrigreen at

Editor’s Note: This podcast initially aired on November 3, 2023.